Peter Croton
lutenist - guitarist

lutenist - guitarist - songwriter
Guild GMCD 7388
Music by Kapsperger, Piccinini, Melli, Zamboni

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Pascale Boquet, June 2013

 “In this music (Kapsberger), Peter plays in a free and inspired manner that well reflects the whimsical and wild temperament of the composer ! But he also has a very articulate phrasing, high-level virtuosity, very clear trebles, sweet and beautiful sounding basses...

On this CD, Peter, like a chameleon, knows perfectly well how to adapt to different stylistic eras and different composers. Impulsive in Kapsberger, more distanced in Piccinini, flexible in Melii, and spoken and rhetorical in Zamboni... It doesn’t surprise us, knowing the multiple talents of this lutenist, able to go from Dowland to contemporary music, Renaissance lute to electric guitar... If this disc, as its name indicates, is "chiaroscuro", its performer himself plays like the Harlequin in the commedia dell'arte and delights us with a thousand instrumental colors...”

NEWSLETTER @61 03/2013

Greet Schamp

"The music by Kapsperger sounds very transparent thanks to the clear and precise playing of Peter Croton… The music of the somewhat older Piccinini is quite different, has its own character and is also well-considered. The toccatas are performed with rubato and subtle feeling, through which Peter Croton understands how to build musical tension. The warm bass sounds are from a 14- course archlute built by Andreas Holst.

TOCCATA, 68/2013
Original auf Deutsch

In the works of these three composers (Kapsperger, Piccinini, Melii) the enthusiasm for experimentation and improvisation in early 17th century Italian music is clearly expressed. This character is well reflected in the interpretations of Peter Croton. He plays with masterful technique, and also takes the liberty that is expected of the performer. This results in a varied and captivating CD.

Original auf Deutsch

…Croton’s manner of making music seeks not to overwhelm but to present the music with a certain restraint. Even the pieces by Kapsberger, which often serve as a vehicle for blatant displays of finger agility and timbral contrast, are played more “at the service of the music”, however without sacrificing virtuosity, and include embellishment of chords and a spontaneity that gives the Toccatas an improvised character, or at least the impression of being improvisatory music... then one jumps so to speak to three sonatas by Giovanni Zamboni from the Sonata d' intavolatura di Leuto of 1718 ... One cannot expect here the improvisational wildness of the older music. Nevertheless Zamboni's sonatas are filled with a life of their own, which Peter Croton presents in a well-balanced and serene manner, and the long arc from the melancholic mood of the Preludio from Sonata I to the downright finger-snapping and bouncing vitality of the closing Giga becomes a true listening experience. Maybe we’ll soon hear Maestro Pietro Crotone play music by Bernardo Gianoncelli, whose Il Liuto of 1650 is closer in time to the earlier composers, but stylistically quite different. In the meantime, we can enjoy this beautiful recording.
oachim Lüdtke

BASLER ZEITUNG: April 24, 201

"Audible light in darkness... Well worth listening to… The CD shines with its captivating sound…”


“Croton is certainly both an agile and accomplished performer and he dispatches all four composers’ works with ease.”